How do epithelial cells of the skin and colon communicate with sensory nerve fibers that transmit touch, temperature and pain?
Using optogenetic approaches, we discovered that activation of epithelial cells in the skin or the colon is sufficient to trigger pain reflexes in mice. These findings indicate that epithelial cells can communicate directly with nerve fibers to transmit stimuli and drive action potential firing. Current studies utilize molecular, cellular and optogenetic approaches, genetically engineered mouse models, calcium imaging and behavioral analysis to continue these studies and define how epithelial activation affects release of target-derived neuromodulators (e.g., ATP, transmitters) and activity of peripheral sensory neurons under homeostatic conditions and in response to injury or inflammation. In other studies in skin (carried out in collaboration with the Kaplan laboratory), and in the colon (carried out in collaboration with the Davis laboratory), we are investigating how sensory and autonomic activity affects immune cell activity and recruitment in the skin and colon.


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